Presentation Transcop expo

Passenger transport is now a priority service for companies and schools. An activity which is governed by legislation and which must comply with a well defined specification in order to guarantee the safety of users, whether it be staff for their mobility needs between home and the workplace or school children and students for their logistics between the place of residence and the school or the users of the specific transports. These activities have as a common characteristic to be addressed to the same suppliers.

Transcop 2019 aims joining together all thisecosystem and at creating a dynamic between the various actors of this market in order to support the exchange and to facilitate the
process of acquisition for the companies and the schools.

A platform which will know the participation of all the professionals of the sector to present their automobile innovations and to accompany the purchasers in their process of purchase. Offering then an exceptional opportunity to the dealers and to the equipment suppliers and to the various service providers to propose their innovations, to show their knowledge and to show the quality of their services at the transport companies with the large users of the transport of staff, school transport and specific transport which will be invited to visit the exhibition via a dense and targeted communication campaign.

A space of exposure convivial and interactive of 3000 m ² and workshops which will be animated by experts on sets of themes of news related on the financing, the safety standards road, the personalization of vehicles and with Geolocation.

On the program are two exhibition days with different networking opportunities.


Transcop Expo

19 & April 20th, 2019

Why Exhibit ?

Sell vehicles to transport companies and private schools and colleges ...

Action Plan

A whole plan of action is deployed to receive more than 2000 visitors during the ...